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Hello Everyone,

Here I prepared a free pattern of this cute Cherry Decoration. Hope you like it.

Cherry, Cherries, Decorative peinting, Decoart Makers,

Cherries Decoration

By Amanda Novaes


Wood Surface 8in x 12in (20cm x 30cm)

Paints by Company Name:

Decoart Americana

Antique Gold Deep – DA146

Black Plum - DA172

Bleached Sand – DA257

Celery Green - DA208

Charcoal Grey - DAO88

Cherry Red - DA159

Laguna - DA350

Mistletoe – DA053

Napa Red - DA165

Olive Green - DAO56*

(DA312 Irish Green - DA168 Golden Straw - DA164 Light Buttermilk - 2:2:1 )

Plantation Pine - DA113

Salem Blue - DAO43* ( A352 Bright Blue - DA333 Aqua Sky - DA164 Light Buttermilk - 1:1:2)

Slate Grey - DAO68

Soft Black - DA155

Teal Green - DA107* ( DA326 Peacock Teal - DA050 Forest Green - 1:1)

Toffee - DAO59

Tomato Red - DA169

Wild Berry - DA362


Mediums/ Decoart:

Americana acrylic sealer/finishers

Staining Antiquing


*Royal & Langnickel

5/8, 3/8, 1/4 Angle Majestic R4160

4, 2, 1 Round – Aqualon R2250

20/0 Round Mini Majestic R4200R

3, 5 round bristle brush R325

1,03, 5 White Bristle Interlock Brite R1455

1/2, 3/8 Soft Grip Mop SG1400

8, 6 Shader/flat - Majestic R4150

Miscellaneous Supplies

Masking tape or frog tape


Tracing Paper

Graphite Paper


Helpful Tip or Hint

The sponge is a perfect tool to add multiple textures on your surface quick and easy. Using the wet on wet or dry technique.


Sand the wood surface and basecoat with Toffee


Background: Trace the line of the top section and use the masking tape to cover bottom area. With a wet sponge (on the hard side) lets add some horizontal effects with 3 colors and drying between each layer. Salem Blue, Teal Green, Laguna. There is no right order. Feel free to create. After dry, use same technique to add a layer of the Staining + Burnt Umber, wipe it and allow to react following bottle instructions. Remove the masking tape repeat same process but now with vertical motion. Shade with Burnt Umber the encounters between the wooden slats, then Soft Black. Now you can trace your pattern.

Cherries: Add two layers of Slate Grey. (Tip: Red colors typically are transparent and to get a plain basecoat it is Hard. But if you add 2 layers of Grey Sky, or other grey, your red will be easier to reach a beautiful basecoat. But avoid tones that is too transparent as basecoat. Using the glazing technique, you can play with all colors on top of your basecoat).

Basecoat with Tomato Red. Add one or two layers of Cherry Red glazing. The suggestion here is to build the shading process through a combination of dry and wet techniques. So, starting with dry technique using a round bristle brush to add a dark area with Napa Red. Let Dry. Now use an angle brush to shade same areas. Use the images to guide you. Repeat the process with Black Plum but be slow with that color. For the Light area use dry brush with Wild Berry. And for Highlight spot use Bleached Sand with wet technique with a round brush focusing soft edge on that spot.

Stalk: Add two layers of Slate Grey. Basecoat with Celery Green. Olive Green. Shade the left side with Avocado then Plantation Pine. Highlight with Bleached Sand the connection between the cherries and stalks. On top of the stalk add a touch of Tomato Red for the Cast shadow use a diluted layer of Lamp Black.

Screw: Basecoat is Antique Gold Deep. Shade with Charcoal Grey then Soft Black. Highlight with Antique gold Deep + Bleached Sand.

Cherries - Line drawing

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